What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a non-invasive, gentle, yet deeply profound form of bodywork and energy healing. The treatment is focused on supporting the health of the whole being. It gives support and attention to the nervous system in quieting it down and helping it to settle. The nervous system is the system that dictates all of the body’s functioning. 

When the nervous system is continually overwhelmed, tension is created in the body, this can lead to chronic conditions, illness or injury. BCST also works directly in supporting the body’s ability to shift into self-repair mode, particularly through releasing excess stress in the system. This release creates space for the health to arise.

The work can be deeply profound, landing you in the deepest core of who you are. BCST works from the inside out, rather than the outside in. BCST awakens you, creates a deeper sense of consciousness, and gives you the ability to discover new choices.   

Who can benefit from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

People of all ages can benefit from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST). Because it is gentle and non-invasive, there are very few contraindications for treatment. 

BCST encourages a healthy brain and nervous system and has been known to prevent chronic conditions. Many who are highly sensitive find BSCT to be very helpful and calming to the nervous system. In addition, BCST can be useful in addressing traumas to the body, both physical and emotional.

The biodynamic approach strengthens the whole body - physical, emotional and mental. It creates a safe environment to make new choices and see the world anew and different.

The Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner is a facilitator for resolution.

 What kind of symptoms respond best to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Anecdotal evidence shows BCST may be helpful in addressing situations such as:

  • headaches and/or migraines

  • head injuries, concussions

  • back, neck and shoulder pain

  • post surgery recovery

  • anxiety, sadness, grief, fear

  • discomfort during pregnancy

  • sleep issues, insomnia

  • TMJ and dental disorders

  • chronic pain syndromes

  • Psychosomatic disorders

  • spiritual blockages

  • chronic stress and fatigue

  • personal growth

  • trauma of all kinds — birth, falls, accidents and other injuries, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, loss/grief, surgery, anesthesia, P.T.S.D., among others.

BCST is also excellent as a preventive therapy because it can facilitate the resolution of imbalances within a patient's system that can later lead to illness or injury.

 What is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session like?

During the session you will be fully clothed lying comfortably on a massage table. You are invited to rest and receive the treatment through a guided meditation to increase your body awareness. With permission, I will gently place my hands in various positions on your body listening to the fluctuations of the cerebrospinal fluid in the body. After listening, I encourage your body’s system to gently unwind areas of held tension in a slow subtle manner. 

From time to time, I will ask you what you are experiencing and support you in staying present with what may be arising for you. I may combine other forms of bodywork into the session including breath work.

To help integrate the healing, it is highly recommended to schedule in some downtime directly after the session such as a short walk, meditation, stretching, lunch at the park, etc.

Sessions typically last one to two hours. 

How many sessions will I need?

It varies and depends on what your goals are, what symptoms you suffer from, and how readily your system responds to the therapy. General recommendations are 3 - 10 sessions.  

 “I think I had some Craniosacral therapy before.  I felt like it didn’t work”.

  • The amount and type of training a therapist has makes a big difference in the treatment you receive. If you are seeking out Craniosacral Therapy, please be sure you are working with someone who is a registered practitioner.

  • At the time of your session, you may not have been “ready” to let go and allow for change in your life.

  • Lastly, it’s important to work with a practitioner that you find as a good match for your energy and healing process.




The journey awaits!.

“Jill has been essential at helping me learn to relax, reduce/eliminate my migraines, and get in touch with my emotions. She is an incredible healer and teacher. I highly recommend Jill to help you become the best you possible! The journey awaits!”

-Alyx M.

Very supportive.

“Jill is an superb practitioner, with deep roots in overcoming trauma, illness and pain. She is very intuitive and caring.”

-Allison H.

This is the road to health.

Jill is a very sensitive healer. She uses her instinctual listening to track the patterns of the body, to hold space, and stillness to allow the patters to change. That is the road to health.”

-Lura D.



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