Energy Balancing is a powerful holistic approach that addresses the energy systems of the body. The goal of Energy Balancing Therapy is to realign and unite body & mind, spirit, and emotions into internal harmony by releasing energy blocks.  

Energy Balancing Therapy works with life energy, chi or prana.  When the life energy is blocked, when our thoughts, our emotions, and our body are out of alignment with the energy to meet a life challenge, energy imbalances appear in the form of physical pain, emotional distress, and dis-ease.

An Energy Balancing Therapist works to release and balance the life energy in the body through the use of specialized bodywork which can release tension and holding patterns being held in the body and the psyche.

An Energy Balancing session will result in deep relaxation, a state of mental & emotional clarity, feelings of inner balance & strength, release of physical & emotional pain.  Continued sessions will assist in maintaining focus & balance and empowered personal growth.




I feel a million times better.

“Jill is very calming, warm and knowledgeable! She listens to what you are concerned about in your life spiritually emotionally and physically I always enjoy and feel a million times better after my session with her.”

-NormaJean R.

Thank you so much !

I’m feeling the energy in my body flow again. Thank you so much!!!”

-Shauna H.

I feel light and calm.

Jill is amazing.  I have cancer in my family and I also have anxiety.  I started going to Jill so she could move my internal energy so that nothing get's 'stuck'.  Which is one way disease can form.  How about if you get mad or traffic was rough, where does that tight, tense feeling go?  It sits in you and can get stuck.  I could literally feel Jill moving and releasing my 'stuck' spots.  I feel light and calm when she's done.”  

-Joy L.




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