"Craniosacral therapy provides me with the time and space to receive healing.  With busy schedules and lots of to-dos, I find that when I lay down on the table I can stop and just be.  This allows my body to adjust and sort itself out to heal.  What surprises me the most, is how good I feel for days following.  I can feel the healing effects for days after.  Sometimes memories will pop into my head and I realize it is my bodies way of releasing trauma or something I'm holding on to.  I participate in all sorts of healing modalities and always have but craniosacral is one of my favorites.  It provides me with the very deep healing and connection that I desire regularly."

-Shauna L.

"Jill possesses all the qualities I would ask of a great healing practitioner and teacher.  She is centered and grounded in her own body and connected to the energies of the earth and sky.  Most importantly, she is open to the source of healing which flows through her heart and hands to the recipient.  She is caring and empathetic and possesses the rare quality of humility.  She is a good role model of health through self-care."

- Diana L.

"I came to Jill a few years ago out of curiosity and for general well-being. I was amazed at how much my body responded to craniosacral and how much relief I received for physical ailments as well as emotional. From the moment I lay down on the table, I immediately feel safe and relaxed in every session. During the treatment, I can feel so much expansion and release all throughout my body. Having regular treatments have really helped me feel balanced and at peace. I have really noticed that I feel much more clear in my mind, have less pain in my back and just overall feel more even. "

- Leah R.

“On the surface it may appear that Jill addresses a physical issue, releasing the tension in a specific spot. However, I truly believe she is helping me release trapped past emotions and blood flow that is stuck in order to relieve both the physical and emotional stagnation. 

She has helped me realize that I am in control of my wellbeing and how I respond to situations is up to me. I need to look inward for answers and not to others. This in turn helps me to live in the present moment and not react as I would have in the past.

I come out of each session more relaxed and energized at the same time.... Yes this is possible!”

- Maria W.

“Jill is amazing!!! I have been on a path of learning to better myself, and to release energy and worried thoughts that do not belong to me. Because I was unable to do this on my own, I was getting terrible headaches, and feeling worn down. Jill’s hands are magic, and now I can’t live without her. I see her twice a month, and my headaches have yet to return. I trust and respect her. Thank you so much for helping me find my way, and for helping me remain in a good.”

- Kassandra B.

“Jill is the first person that I've ever done cranial sacral with. She really was informative, and delightful to work with. I had experienced things I never have before through my body. I would highly recommend her.  She is very well spoken and compassionate. A Wonderful listener who totally understood what I was going through with my anxieties. She is truly a gifted soul.”

-Pam G.

“This is one of the best ways I know to feel super relaxed. When you don't realize your muscles just aren't relaxing, it's amazing to let them get past that tightness and have your body reset for a change. I had such a great experience that I convinced my wife to check it out. My wife was apprehensive since she just popped out an 11 pounder, 2 weeks earlier. Jill thought it would help with my wife's healing, she was right! She had great postpartum care from Jill. Fast forward a bit and now we have a toddler and a newborn, that also weighed double digits. It was a quick choice to see Jill again when those nagging back pains wouldn't go away. Thank you so much, Jill!”

-Mike S.

“Jill tunes into your energy and vibration and feels, sees and hears your body communicating to her to allow her to guide, adjust, release, support your body the way it needs to be for optimal healing. She also uses the best quality essential oils to enhance the experience. Her office is welcoming and has a warm and safe energy. She explains what she notices happening in your body and makes suggestions on how to take care of it..all easily doable! I highly recommend her as a holistic wellness specialist. Jill works with you and incorporates your intentions into the session.”

-Yvonne G.